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A Balanced Diet for Churches
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"In my 60+ years of pastoral ministry, I've interacted and mentored thousands of pastors and leaders. This interaction has shaped my perspective on the things that most concern pastoral leaders today.

One of those is the pastoral pursuit of nurturing a people who may grow unto becoming a Spirit-formed church. With this in mind, this library is my contribution to equip pastors, teachers and leaders for more effective ministry.”

Jack W. Hayford
A Balanced Diet for Healthy Churches
24 Foundational Concepts for Birthing and Sustaining New Testament Church Living
A Special Message from Dr. Jack Hayford
A Special Message from Dr. Jack Hayford

These 24 concepts are primary principles that I discovered to be foundational to both fruitfulness and durability. They serve as a "curricular grid" by which I evaluate to what degree I am nurturing the Body in "the whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27). These resources will help a pastor answer two important questions that should be applied to his/her discipling ministry:

What are the basic teachings I need to recurrently emphasize?

When and how will I include these concepts in the church's diet?
Pastor's Path for a Spirit-Formed Church